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Our branch, HEAVYMAT NIGER hosted 4 August 2016 to turn the exceptional transport of public works equipment being delivered to Agadez and served exposure for organizing the open day.
Organised as part of the delivery of public works equipment, trucks and machines the company GEPCO (NIGER), the open day was attended by a large number of participants, clients, representatives of the military, financial partners, technicians, media whose CEO GEPCO, Mr. Abdourahamane Sidi Abdul Aziz, who graced the so-called open house.

Mr. Silas Ahadji, the head of the branch HEAVYMAT NIGER after delivering his words of welcome on behalf of all guests to team, has given way to the CEO of HEVAYMAT Group, Mr. Denis ROZAND which in turn made her piece speeches followed by remarks by Mr. Eric GUO representative SINOMACH, our brand new machines. The representative SINOMACH welcomed the new partnership between the two companies with a common dream: to produce the first heavy machinery in Togo, in Africa and throughout Africa.

After these interventions the guests attended a presentation on the presentation of the company GEPCO (NIGER) working in the field of mining transportation, construction and acquired the panoply of public works equipment to equip more to meet the great challenges construction and asphalting of roads, mining and transport of hydrocarbons. In this batch of equipment include: bulldozers, graders, compactors, loaders, tractors, dump trucks, tanks and gear doors.

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